Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Savage Worlds: First Impressions

Secret agent Jose Rodriguez had trouble recounting the events that led to the predicament he currently found himself in. The mission seemed so mundane when Rodriguez had accepted it. There had been reports of attacks happening across the city. What had piqued Rodriguez's curiosity was the nature of the attacks. All of the victims were claimed to only have severe bite and scratch marks on their bodies, and nothing was ever taken from the victims. Rodriguez considered the attacks strange, but he had no idea that accepting this mission would intertwine his fate to the realm of the supernatural.

The clues that Rodriguez managed to unearth led him to an old, abandoned warehouse on this cold evening. The only light came from the moon suspended in the starless night sky. The pale beams of light flooded in through the broken windows on the side of the building. Rodriguez readied his gun as a precaution; he had learned the hard way that it is better to be over-prepared than to be under-prepared in these situations. Deep, gurgled moans permeated through the building; the sound sent small chills down the agent's spine. Rodriguez took aim at the source of the sound. Several dark silhouettes began to shuffle in his direction.

The figures came into the light, revealing a grotesque scene. The flesh of the creatures was rotten and mangled. The bones of the humanoid creatures could be easily seen between the patches of grey skin. The eyes of the creatures were sunken deep into their skulls. Rodriguez had come face to face with his first group of ravenous zombies. 

Seized by fear and surprise, Rodriguez's body was locked in place. His mind screamed inside to move, to run, but his body failed to respond to his plea. The zombies crept closer, their disfigured hands stretching out toward the agent. Rodriguez was helpless as the lifeless predators made their way towards their prey.

The closest zombie reached out strike at Rodriguez. Just as the monstrosity was bringing its claws down on the agent's torso, a shadowed figure leapt down from the rafters above and struck at the zombie's neck, separating his head from his body.

"If you have a preference towards living, then I suggest you fight back." The shadowed figure mused. A stray beam of moonlight caught the figure. Not quite human, yet not quite feline. This furry femme fetale brandished two rapiers, which she used to make quick work of a second approaching zombie.

Finally able to collect himself, Rodriguez readied his weapon and took aim at one of the monsters. His world had been turned on its head in only a few short moments, but he still had a mission to complete. He wouldn't let these rotten meat bags get the better of him. The first of many gun shots rang throughout the warehouse.


Savage Worlds has an amazing starting price point of just over ten dollars for paperback

I got the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer's Edition in the mail earlier this week. I really, really enjoyed my first experience with this game. I love the fast-paced battle mechanics, the customization options for characters and worlds, the character creation system and so much more. All of that at ten dollars for the paperback edition, and there is little reason not to try it. I had so much fun making a world where a secret agent can fight zombies alongside a sword-swinging cat person. I can't wait to make and explore many more campaigns in Savage Worlds.

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