Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Adventuring Gear: Dice Bag

The dragon released a final deafening roar before collapsing on the cold, stony ground. The warrior stands triumphantly over the beast, and removes his sword from the monster's great chest. He slowly makes his way over to the dragon's hoard, a single chest resting on a smooth stone. The intricate carvings displayed on the chest are highlighted by a single ray that pierces through the ceiling of the musty cavern. 

The warrior had invested a lifetime desperately seeking this treasure. Regaled by tales his father shared with him about the mysterious chest when he was a young lad, the boy became engrossed in unraveling the mystery. As an adult his wonder turned to an all-consuming desperation to find the answer to one simple question. What was in the chest?

After decades of searching and training, the warrior would finally have his answer. He runs his rough fingers across the top the decorated chest in anticipation. How long he has yearned for this moment. How many sleepless nights and futile searches has he invested into reaching this point. He opens the lid of the chest, and peers in to see what has infested all of his waking thoughts and robbed him of most of his life. 

Sitting in the chest is a small, lonely leather bag. The warrior opens the bag to find a set of ordinary playing dice. The warrior places his head in his hands and howls painfully at the realization that he has wasted his life searching for a simple trinket.


It may be a trinket, but its my trinket and I am quite fond of it.

If there is one thing that I enjoy as much as fantasy role playing it would be crafting. There is something really exciting about creating things and giving them your own personal touch. When I can combine my two passions, I am in heaven. I try to craft things for my gaming whenever I feel inspired to (and I use that inspiration to gain advantage when crafting my item.)

I made this dice bag after seeing some other awesome bags on the internet. My goal was to create a bag that looked like what an adventurer's coin bag might look like. I added the embroidered d20 for obvious reasons. The outside of the bag is brown suede, and the bag lining is made from old shirt material. The cords are leather strips. 

The bag came out really spacious. It has more room than I will ever need.

I had a great time making this bag. I enjoyed the process of making the bag more than I enjoy the bag itself. I enjoyed it so much that I have already made three more for my friends, and I have plans to make more soon. Have you made anything for your fantasy role playing adventures? If so, how did you enjoy making it and would you do it again? Let me know in the comments. I love to hear from fellow crafters/adventurers. 

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