Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fantasy Life (Part 2)

The battle had been fierce. A great warrior testing his might against a ferocious dragon. Both side had delivered powerful blows to each other. But the warrior was beginning to wear down, and he knew it. He was beginning to make careless mistakes, the last of which nearly cost him his life. He had grown sluggish as his stamina began to wane. He needed to rest, but the dragon was relentless. Strike after fearsome strike, the dragon moved with the swiftness of a feral feline. The warrior closed his eyes and accepted his fate. He now knew that going on this adventure alone was a fatal mistake. The dragon opened his jaws. The back of his throat glowing orange with an all-consuming flame.

The dragon prepared to deliver its destructive firepower upon the weakened warrior. The dragon suddenly thrust its head toward the sky, shooting its flame toward the clouds and missing the warrior completely. The dragon roared in pain. The warrior looked up to see what caused the dragon such agony and gained the warrior a few precious moments that he needed to regain his strength. An arrow was lodged deeply into the monster's side. The warrior followed the direction of the shot to a figure standing of to the distance. It was his partner, the hunter. The expression on the hunter's face made it clear that he was dismayed at the warriors decision to go alone. The warrior gave a quick smirk at the hunter and charged at the dragon. With his strength restored and his friend at his side he knew that they would make quick work of the beast.


As I have stated before, I really enjoy Fantasy Life. In my last post I discussed how varied lives can affect the game play and make the game feel more engrossing. Today I want to focus on multiplayer compatibility and customization.

I am not the only fantasy nut in my household. My wife loves adventure just as much as I do, and we try to share our adventures as frequently as possible. The problem that we often run in to is the lack of fantasy role playing video games with multiplayer content. I am not including mmo games when I say this. We just aren't huge mmo fans. I feel like Fantasy Life does a great job allowing friends and family to share in epic quests and battles. What could possibly be more exciting than felling a large monster with your significant other? The game is great solo, but I greatly prefer playing with others on this game. Its nice to not feel alone in such an expansive game world.

I remember playing Golden Sun on the Gameboy Advance years ago. The game had amazing graphics for its time, and the game play and story were incredible. The one problem that I had with the game is a problem that many fantasy role playing games share. When you equip a character with new gear, it looks exactly the same as the gear that they were previously wearing. I go on an epic, dungeon exploring quest and I am rewarded with a stronger version of the exact same armor that I am wearing. Recent games have began to rectify this with more customization options, but Fantasy life takes customization to a whole other level. Don't like your suit of armor? Buy or make another suit. Maybe you just don't like the helmet. You can change only the helmet. You can even keep your armor and just change the color. You customize your character's physical characteristics at the beginning of the game, and you have the option to change hairstyles later.

Customization in Fantasy Life doesn't stop with your character. You can choose from several npcs to join you on your quests. This effectively lets you customize your own party. You can even fight alongside your very own pet, with choices ranging from dogs to dragons. This game also borrows ideas from animal crossing by letting you customize your own house. Did I mention that you eventually are able to own three customizable homes? I love being able to fill my home with items that I have personally crafted with the carpenter.

You can make your home as traditional...

...or as original as you choose

If dragon quest and animal crossing had a child, it would be Fantasy life. There is an amazing balance of adventure and customization in this game. The more that I invest into the game, the more engrossing the game feels. If you are looking for a fantasy role playing game to play with a friend, or if you are in the mood to slay monsters, go fishing, and design your own home all in the same game, then I highly suggest that you try Fantasy Life. Happy adventuring!

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