Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fantasy Life (part 1)

You have taken up a request from a bounty clerk to fell a fearsome bird that terrorizes the plains to the west of the kingdom. The beast has become a growing concern for the citizens, so you answer the call to help your fellow people. The foul fowl has eluded you for days. You are about to give up on your quest when you spot your bounty just past some trees in the distance. You quietly make your way to your mark, making your best effort to avoid detection. You ready an arrow, take one breath, and take your shot.

The bird is injured, but is still flying strong. You have clearly angered the monster. It flies in your direction; each flap of its large wings creates a burst of wind that nearly knocks you over. The beast dives at you, hoping to strike with its fierce talons, but you are a master hunter and you have hunted many terrifying creatures. You nimbly avoid its clutches and ready another arrow. The arrow flies clean and smooth directly towards its target.

The glorified chicken-raptor fall to the earth. You efficiently felled your prey, as you have so many times before. You wrap the monstrous beast up and haul it back to the bounty clerk. You are the hero of the kingdom. People shower you with praise, shouting your name excitedly through the streets. 

You return home, doff your weapons and armor, and don your apron. While you find a pleasure in the hunt, you have another calling that drives you. You desire to become the greatest chef in the land! You prepare your utensils and begin making a fantastic fowl feast.


I picked up Fantasy Life for the 3DS about a week ago. At first I wasn't confident in what the game had to offer. The story can be bland and the writing is snarky and immature. What really hooked me about the game can be summarized by the game's title. This game sets itself apart from many other rpg's because there is so much more to do outside of the classic battles and dungeons in your fantasy life. Do you want a particular weapon not offered in stores? Become a blacksmith and craft it yourself. Don't have the materials you need? Mine for them in deep caves and on beeches. Maybe you feel at home in the kitchen. You can make meals fit for a king.

There are 12 diverse "lives" to choose from that each offer a unique experience

For me the game really became exciting when I took up multiple "lives." Lives are the class system used in the game; they range from Paladin to tailor. When I play with multiple lives, I get to experience the full adventure offered by the game. I mine for ore. I use the ore to make armor and weapons. I use the armor and weapons to reach more dangerous lands. I mine for more valuable ore in the new, risky lands. So on and so forth. It is very exciting. 

On my next post I plan to talk about the vast customization options in the game and about multiplayer options. I am a big fan of this game. Having more "normal" tasks to complete makes the world feel more genuine. Having different roles in the game world makes the battles in between more refreshing and exciting. I can't wait to tell you more about this game. Happy adventuring!

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